Wall Stickers - African Animal Jungle set

  • Dhs. 150.00

This set of individually cut African animal jungle wall stickers will bring to life any room in an instant. They can work well around the cradle or changing mat of a young child, or can look fantastic around a desk of an older child, or in a reading nook. A quick, easy way to make a big wow and a fantastic alternative to wallpaper.

The stickers are made with eco-friendly ink and printed onto beautiful, softly textured wallpaper. They are easy to apply and can be adjusted, removed and re-used enabling you to enjoy them over time. Great if you are renting or like to change things up often.

Can be used in conjunction with one of our sets of botanical jungle or tropical wall stickers to bring the whole jungle into your home or to complement the circular sticker to give you a unique look.

Larger individual animals are also available to complement this set.

Peel. Stick. Enjoy. Repeat.


Overall Medium sticker size is 1m x 73cm

Giraffe measures 54cm high x 27cm wide

Elephant measures 34cm high x 40cm wide

Zebra measures 33cm high x 37cm wide

Rhino measures 20cm high x 29cm wide

Lion measures 28cm high x 25cm wide

Leopard measures 23cm high x 37cm wide

Lemur measures 17cm high x 13cm wide

Monkey on branch measures 32cm high x 28cm wide

Flamingo measures 15cm high x 17cm wide

Toucan measures 16cm high x 14cm wide

Butterfly measures 7cm x 7cm


Overall Small sticker size is 60cm x 43cm

Giraffe measures 32cm high x 16cm wide

Elephant measures 20cm high x 24cm wide

Zebra measures 20cm high x 22cm wide

Rhino measures 12cm high x 17cm wide

Lion measures 17cm high x 15cm wide

Leopard measures 14cm high x 22cm wide

Lemur measures 10cm high x 7cm wide

Monkey on branch measures 19cm high x 16cm wide

Flamingo measures 9cm high x 10cm wide

Toucan measures 10cm high x 8cm wide

Butterfly measures 4cm x 4cm